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Safe & Tough 

Strong protection for weak souls.

system 360 offers violence prevention and self-assertion training for children and young people that prepares them for possible dangers and trains how to react to them. A prudent sensitization of those affected in advance can help to recognize signs of danger better and earlier and to react to them more professionally.

Safe & follows this goal. Tough.



How to protect your greatest treasure.

In our anti-spy training, system 360 explains clearly and comprehensibly how you can prevent unwanted data loss - while traveling, in your private life and in professional communication. If necessary, system 360 also supports you with suitable technical solutions.



Better to be self-determined than externally controlled.

With our social engineering awareness training, system 360 shows how perpetrators use malicious manipulation to cause behavior that can have damaging or endangering effects on your company. Knowing the manipulation techniques and patterns helps in advance to ward off unwanted influence from people with negative intentions.

Keep Cool

Because serenity needs no excuse.

With its Keep Cool de-escalation training, system 360 offers a technically sound and at the same time stimulating basis for assessing other people's behavior in stressful situations and appropriately controlling your own behavior and maintaining your ability to act. We also offer you valuable support in dealing with violence through targeted perception management and de-escalating communication strategies. For this purpose, preventative measures are learned and tested.


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