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Physical Security

Because security is not a state, but a process.

system 360 first systematically analyzes vulnerabilities at your company headquarters and/or your home address. The identified threats are then compared with the security measures already taken.

Is the protection sufficient?

Is the outer skin of the building well secured?

Do you recognize unauthorized third parties on your property in a timely manner?

Are you protected from eavesdropping or video attacks?

Are you sure that no unauthorized person knows where you are?

Are there avoidable security gaps?

We identify publicly available information that third parties use maliciously, e.g. B. could be used for social engineering attacks or criminal offenses. We check your security professionally and privately, look for gaps that could cause damage and close them.

We also check daily processes (journey routes, regular appointments, etc.), analyze protective and preventative measures and give recommendations on behavior. 


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