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Black sheep can only be recognized in the light.

system 360 takes a different approach. Extensive research based on publicly available sources from the clear, deep and dark web in strict compliance with the legal framework as well as open source intelligence background research (OSINT research) and social media intelligence background research (SOCMINT research) create clarity.  ;

Bad press evaluations, sanctions list checks, the identification of relevant anomalies (“red flags”) as well as the forensic criminal analysis and evaluation of the research results answer the question of whether a person or company is trustworthy and law-abiding.

System 360 uses Darknet experts and appropriate technology to research the hard-to-reach areas of the Internet for you in order to bring things to light that are not visible anywhere else. 


We search for and find networks of people, companies and organizations in order to be able to come to a clear assessment of the following questions.

Which network is the person or company active in?

Are there reputation-critical contacts in the network?

Is there an unfavorable connection between two entities?

Are there hidden backers who exert influence?

Who is the actual initiator of an action?

Do connections reveal unexpected dependencies?


system 360 provides the answers.

system 360 thoroughly checks business partners, sales markets, companies to be purchased, real estate, etc. for you. We analyze the strengths and weaknesses of the new business partner, identify and evaluate the corresponding compliance and reputation risks and then create concrete suggestions for action for you.



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