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Bleiben Sie auf dem Laufenden.

Some things just can´t wait.

2-factor authentication

…and then the bank calls:

“Hello Mr...., someone appears to be making purchases using your account. Did you just shop at…? No?! OK! Then we have to stop the transaction immediately!

As you know, we never ask for usernames or passwords over the phone.

But I have to verify that I'm talking to the real account owner.

That's why I'm now sending you a code to the number that's stored in my system. Please pass it on.”


What just happened?

You have just been the victim of a clever scam call!

The caller previously received login data via a phishing site and now triggers a transaction at the moment of the call... and because he now also has the code for his action, he was successful - despite the 2-factor.

Fraudsters use this technology every day, are well trained and are constantly optimizing their processes. So open your eyes! Technology cannot (at least not always) replace common sense!

If in doubt: calling the bank back can help.

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